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Shapes and the Letter B

September 15, 2020

Hello preschool families! Since many of us are staying indoors right now, it might be a good opportunity to check out some of the websites we use for indoor recess. We especially love Go Noodle and Cosmic Kids Yoga. Both are free and offer some wonderfully fun activities for the kids, but adults enjoy them as well. If you want to stick with this week's theme, Go Noodle has some songs and running activities that may help get the wiggles out, like "Fabio's Meatball Run," which has a lot of shapes in it you can point out, or in  "Hip Hop Astronaut" you can see that the moon is a circle. Cosmic Kids Yoga tells stories with yoga moves. Her version of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" is a fun addition to our Zoo Phonic animal of the week, Bubba Bear.

Zoo Phonic for the Letter Bb




Scissors and Cutting Practice

If your child hasn't used scissors much, this may be an opportunity to teach him/her how to hold scissors. Here is a video showing how children should hold scissors. We like to use the phrase, "Thumbs up to Jesus" to help students remember that their thumb goes on top when using scissors. There are many fun (and free) printables online that you can use for cutting practice with your child, or you can just give her some scissors and scrap paper to cut on. Note: thicker paper (think card stock or thick construction paper, not cardboard) is easier for children to learn to cut-on than regular printer paper; it's easier to hold and the scissors don't slip as much. If you have a tub or tray to put underneath, you may even want to have your child practice cutting items that are not paper to help build hand strength, like cooked spaghetti, plastic drinking straws, or yarn.

Shapes Activities

Shapes are everywhere we go! Many children know the basic shapes by the time they arrive at preschool, but we like to review them in case students don't know the shape names. If your child already knows square, circle, rectangle, triangle, you may want to begin teaching some additional shapes, like star, diamond, trapezoid.... Being able to identify shapes is an important math skill, as is being able to work with basic shapes to create patterns and new designs (like with tanagram puzzles). Below are some ideas you may wish to include this week to help teach or review shapes. Some of them are printables, while others you can do with whatever you find around the house (like creating a collage from misc. precut shapes, or going on a shape scavenger hunt). There is also a video read-aloud of Little Cloud by Eric Carle, which helps us see how we can use our imagination to find shapes in the sky (weather permitting, of course).


If your child creates any of these craft projects, I would love it if you sent me a picture to share on our Facebook page.

Next Week's Themes: Colors, the Letter C (Catina Cat)

Bubba bear card.jpeg

This week's Zoo Phonic is Bb, and our animal friend is Bubba Bear. The Zoo Phonics video below will introduce your child to Bubba and also teach about bears. You may print the handout below as well, and have your child practice writing the letter B (both uppercase and lowercase), then identify the animal friend, cut him out and glue him in the box on the paper.

Zoo Phonic B.jpg
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