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Fire Safety and the Letter Rr

Fire Safety

Children need to know the dangers of fire and how to respond. Although it 's not always a pleasant topic to discuss because some kids find the idea scary, it's a good idea to review and practice fire safety on a regular basis. We have fire drills at preschool, and recommend that you do at home as well. If you don't know where to start,  The American Red Cross has some helpful resources on their website, as does Very Well Family. Some  key pieces of information to reinforce with your family include:

  1. Smoke alarms tell us to get out of the building. Test one so your children know what they sound like.

  2. Don't hide; go outside. Never hide when there's a fire, even if scared or the firefighters look/sound scary.

  3. Get out and stay out. Don't go back into the house for pets, toys, etc.

  4. Get low, and go. Crawl under the smoke to get out of the building.

  5. Have a family meeting place outside. Everyone should meet there after getting out of the building.

  6. Stop, drop, and roll. If your clothes catch fire, this is the best way to put out the fire.

  7. Tell a grown-up. If your child sees matches, lighters, fire, etc., they should should tell a grownup because they are for adults only.

  8. Call 911 if there is a fire or other emergency. Practice this number and make sure your child can dial your phone (practice cell phones and the land-line if you have one).


There are some fun ways you can review this information as well. Typically, we bring in the fire department to teach us about safety, their tools and trucks, and sometimes fire stations will give tours. Included below are a few videos with tips and information. You may also choose to play fire fighters, or incorporate some of the craft ideas below to extend the learning. Practice, practice, practice. By practicing the above sayings and your family plan, it can potentially save lives.

Zoo Phonic Friend: Robbie Rabbit, Rr
We're learning about the letter R this week. You may want to learn about rabbits and other R animals, or go on a scavenger hunt for items that begin with R. Rocks and rice both work well for R-related sensory play. You could also use this opportunity to make a rainbow, robot, or rocket, or paint with the color red (perfect for painting flames!).

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